Sunderland duo ready to debut on Amazing Race Canada

A duo from Sunderland will make their debut tonight (July 2) on the Amazing Race Canada.

The field for the seventh season of CTV’s summer hit includes Gilles Miron and his grandson, Sean.

Gilles – a 65-year-old canoe instructor – counts determination, perseverance and his easy-going nature amongst his strengths, while 20-year-old Sean lists outdoor activities, physical challenges and problem-solving.

“Don’t be fooled by the age gap between Gilles and Sean – these men are both old souls. Gilles is friendly, adventurous, and a very active 65-year-old. He is a canoe instructor, a seven-year meditator, and a bit of a daredevil in his day. Sean’s birth changed his life. Gilles daughter was 16 when she had Sean, and Sean did not have a father in his life so Gilles decided to be a better example for Sean, and to be a good male role model,” reads a bio on the pair provided by CTV.

“Sean is outgoing, fun, and extremely caring. His grandfather’s influence has inspired him to be a better person and he is always willing to help people around him. He holds a second-degree black belt and dabbles in powerlifting. Sean loves outdoor activities, especially camping, canoeing, and snowboarding.”

In an interview, the pair said they decided to submit an audition video to mark Gilles’ 65th birthday but weren’t particularly confident that they would land a spot on the show.

“We laughed through the whole process,” Gilles said.

“We never thought we’d get a phone call or an email back,” Sean added.

Though they couldn’t reveal any of the adventures they undertook while filming or how they fared, both are incredibly happy to have taken part.

“It was a blast – the most fun we’ve had in our lives,” Sean said.

“It was a totally unique experience…It’s such a great show. We’re honoured to be a part of it,” Gilles added.

And they’ve been shocked at the amount of support they’ve gotten – both in Sunderland and across Brock Township – as news of their appearance spread.

“We’re overjoyed with the amount of support we’ve gotten,” Sean said.

“It’s really cool to represent a small town like Sunderland and it’s been great to see the community come together.”

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CTV.

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