Township committee aims to help volunteer groups

Brock council is looking to lend a helping hand to volunteer groups across the township.

At Monday’s (June 24) meeting, members of council unanimously passed a motion from Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer to form a special committee to investigate the non-profit sector.

The committee will be comprised of Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden, two other members of council and representatives from volunteer groups with the aim of presenting recommendations on how the Township can assist with identified issues and threats.

In bringing the motion forward, Coun. Schummer stated that many groups – including the Beaverton fair board, Cannington Figure Skating Club and 1st Cannington Scout Group – have all had issues related to the recruitment and retention of volunteers this year.

He also noted that the Cannington Dog Sled Races and Winter Festival folded in back in November of 2016 due to “volunteer burnout.”

“Over the years we’ve lost too many of our local groups and come close to losing more. We’ve also lost or come close to losing events organized and run by many of these groups. We need to stem the tide of increased stress and trouble for this vital sector of Brock’s social and economic backbone,” Schummer later wrote in a social media post.

“This will not be a one-time meeting but rather a committee made up of these valuable volunteers to gather information from organizations throughout Brock. Possible solutions should be found and any assistance The Township can play in strengthening our non-profit sector will be fully reviewed.”

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