Council urged to address speeding along Simcoe Street to harbour

l have lived on Simcoe Street in Beaverton near the harbour for five years. For five years, my neighbours and l have asked for traffic calming measures in this area. To date nothing has been done.

We have discussed this traffic problem with you several times as you campaigned in municipal elections and you agreed this is a serious issue and needs to be addressed.

Monday (June 17) night was the worst in the five years I have been here. Vehicles were racing up and down Simcoe Street between the railway tracks and the harbour totally unabated. From the noise generated it is apparent many mufflers have been compromised. Trucks were doing ’doughnuts’ in the upper parking lot at the harbour and in the community centre parking lot, screeching tires until midnight. You can see these tire marks at the community centre and upper parking lot.

Before my retirement to Beaverton, l was the traffic and transit co-ordinator for the City of Owen Sound. l have dealt with these issues and I understand they are challenging. I know the difference between diligence and negligence and this issue is strictly negligence by those whom are tasked with keeping the community safe and allowing enjoyment of property. For the most part, neighbours have stopped phoning the police due to the lack of response.

You may have heard of the ‘Three E’s’ of traffic – Engineering, Education and Enforcement. Engineering is how roads are designed, Education is how traffic issues are communicated and Enforcement is the actions by the police to promote conformity.

This particular traffic matter requires all three. This section of Simcoe Street requires engineering in the form of traffic calming measures to take away the long straight road which increases tendencies to speed, education to the public that some existing driving practices will not be tolerated and concentrated enforcement by the police for a period of time.

The inaction of the Durham Regional Police demonstrates they do not recognize this as a safety or quality of life issue. At most they send an officer to drive around the harbour loop. Perhaps a change in command of the Durham Regional Police Service would be in order. Community policing should be commonplace not a foreign concept.

Our neighbourhood has had enough. The speed limit is 40 km/h. Lowering the speed limit further and creating a Community Safety Zone will be ineffective. We need action via strategic planning and enforcement. We do not want to live through another summer with this type of behaviour and no action being taken by our local governments and police. You represent us at the municipal and regional levels of government and we ask you to please do something.

Jim Coburn

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