DRPS requests court review of OCPC actions

The DRPS is calling for a judicial review of recent actions undertaken by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC), including the appointment of an administrator to oversee certain personnel functions.

The OCPC launched an investigation into the DRPS and its police services board on May 24 following allegations of corruption and misconduct involving Chief Paul Martin and other senior members of the force.

“The OCPC’s actions were apparently in response to several complaints which the commission has repeatedly refused to share with the police service,” reads a media release from police issued Tuesday (June 18).

It also notes that Chief Paul Martin has stated that while he fully supports a “fair, unbiased, thorough and transparent review of complaints, the Service cannot respond to unknown allegations, and the appointment of an administrator to oversee specific work areas is unwarranted.”

The DRPS is asking the Divisional Court of Ontario to review the measures.

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