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Council should take action to curb speeders heading to the harbour

I have been talking to (Ward 1 Councillor) Mike Jubb about this issues we have with high speeds on Simcoe Street in Beaverton on the west side of the tracks to the beach and pier.

As you know, this area is filled with children riding on bikes and scooters, people walking their dogs and walking with small children going down to enjoy our beautiful beach. l live on this great street and it’s wonderful that the speed has been reduced to 40-km/h.

However, many drivers cross the tracks and speed their way down and back from the beach. For many years, our neighbors have complained about the excessive speeds. We’ve had many volunteer to have the Durham police sit in their driveways.

Tonight (June 9), I witnessed a Subaru race down the street well over 100 km/h. I did have an opportunity to approach the young gentleman driving the car and ask them to please keep the speeds down as many children and young families walk these streets. They were very polite and said that they would slow down.

I think it would we a wonderful addition to have some signage to remind drivers to slow down. Either “kids playing“ or “pedestrian area” would be great. Thank you for your time.

Diana Vessel

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