Council to consider adding pedestrian bridge at Beaverton Harbour

Brock Township council is exploring the possibility of building a pedestrian bridge at the Beaverton Harbour.

The move came following a motion from Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb, who suggested that a bridge could address safety concerns related to accessing the Ethel Park area should an emergency close Victoria Avenue.

“If we did have a train mishap, we would have no way to get those residents out of there,” he told his colleagues, noting that a pedestrian bridge could also prove to be a draw for tourists, help boost economic developmentand better connect the community.

“I see this as an opportunity for Brock Township to showcase this (the harbour) as its pride and joy,” added Interim CAO Garth Johns.

Coun. Jubb noted that there may be opportunities for the Township to land a grant to help finance the project.

“I don’t want this to cost taxpayers unless it has to,” he said.

A report on the potential project – along with other initiatives at the harbour – will be brought forward at a future meeting.

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