Ladies’ Night event won’t return to Cannington arena

After a pair of events were held in recent years, township council has put the kibosh on ‘Ladies’ Night’ at the Cannington arena.

Local politicians made that decision on Monday (June 3) night after receiving a letter from organizer Amanda Angiers requesting use of the facility for a proposed third event on July 18.

“The Ladies’ Night will consist of four male entertainers (strippers). I have allowed the entertainers to go down to a thong, I have not allowed full nudity in the past, nor would I allow it going forward,” the letter reads.

“I have hosted this event once a year for the past two years at this facility. I have not had any problems that I have been aware of in the past.”

Angiers notes that the events have been quite popular – drawing more than 300 people in total – clearly demonstrating “demand and support” for the shows.

“All laws are followed, nothing is broken, the mess is always cleaned up,” the letter reads.

“Please allow for the ladies to have a fun night out with girlfriends for a couple of drinks and a lot of laughs.”

Citing a Township bylaw that prohibits adult entertainment in community facilities, council denied the request with little discussion though Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer questioned why the previous two events were allowed at the arena.

“I don’t think we knew the scope of the event,” replied Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden.

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