Township council gets an update on lawsuit over bridge replacement

While few details are available, Brock Township is continuing its lawsuit against the company that installed the Blackwater Bridge on Concession 4.

Members of council received an update on the case during an in-camera session on Monday (June 3).

In May of 2017, council passed a resolution following a closed-door session calling for the Stratford-based Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc. to repair the bridge or reconstruct it “pursuant to its contractual obligations” after several issues were noted during a Township inspection.

At the time, former CAO/Clerk Thom Gettinby said the municipality was hopeful the company would work to resolve the issue and that legal action was a last resort.

A letter from Township solicitor Loopstra Nixon, marked confidential, was included on the agenda for a meeting of the administration and personnel committee in December of that year as ‘Township of Brock v. Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction.’

In March of 2018, an inquiry from Regional Councillor Ted Smith prompted Gettinby to note that the structure posed “no danger to the public.”
According to its website, Guardian has specialized in fibreglass composite bridges since 1994.

Brock was awarded a $944,000 grant from the province in the summer of 2013 to replace the structure, a contract that was awarded to Guardian in March of the following year.

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