DRPS, police services board under investigation

The DRPS and its police service board is being investigated following allegations of corruption and misconduct involving Chief Paul Martin and other senior members of the force.

According to a press release from the DRPS, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) launched the investigation on Friday (May 24) under section 25 of the Police Services Act.

“The Commission has appointed an administrator with responsibilities in the following areas: promotions and hiring; internal disciplinary matters; public complaints; and secondary employment applications,” the release reads.

Retired Deputy Chief Mike Federico from the Toronto Police Service will serve as administrator.

“The board acknowledges the Commission’s decision to conduct the investigation in accordance with its mandate and will work closely with the Commission in conducting a thorough investigation as quickly as possible to fully to support our members. The board will support the work of the administrator and will provide the public as much information as it can to ensure transparency throughout the investigation process,” the media release reads.

“The board wishes to extend its gratitude and appreciation to all members of the DRPS who work tirelessly daily to keep our community safe. We know that their resolve to serve with pride, excellence and integrity will endure throughout this process, and we request their patience and that of the public until such time as the Commission reports its findings. The board strives to adhere to the highest standards of accountability and transparency in the provision of policing services to the citizens of Durham and to preserving public trust and confidence in the leadership of our police service.”

A statement from Marion Isabeau Ringuette, the solicitor general’s press secretary, notes that the investigation will have no impact on policing services.

“Concerns were brought to the attention of the solicitor general regarding the Durham Regional Police Service and Durham Regional Police Services Board. As a result, the solicitor general requested that the OCPC investigate these allegations,” the statement reads

“We have confidence in the OCPC to take the appropriate steps to investigate the allegations that have been brought forward. The people of Durham can be assured that the OCPC investigation does not impact frontline policing services. The men and women on the frontlines of the Durham Police Service will continue to ensure community safety.”

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