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Cost of bridge projects adding up for Brock Township

Township council is holding off on repairs to three bridges after learning that the projects will cost roughly $760,000 more than initially anticipated.

Three reports detailing the municipality’s tender process for the projects were included on the agenda for Monday’s (May 13) meeting of the public works and facilities committee.

They include:

Bridge 40 (on Sideroad 17A) — $39,500 initially budgeted, lowest tender at $205,085;

Bridge 22 (Concession 2 Thorah) — $375,000 initially budgeted, lowest tender at $837,413; and,

Bridge 34 (Concession 1) — $108,450 initially budgeted, lowest tender at $235,375.

While the report notes that the projects could proceed by utilizing funding secured through the federal gas tax, those prices were enough to prompt Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden to ask for a staff report detailing a “big-picture view” of that reserve and the impact these projects will have.

That report will be on the agenda for a special meeting of the finance committee on May 27.

“I think we all had minor heart attacks reading these reports,” Mayor Bath-Hadden said.

Later in the meeting, Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer requested that staff review and update estimates for planned capital projects.

Last month, members of council were informed that the replacement of four other bridges and a culvert was going to cost $290,000 more than budgeted.

Those projects included:

Bridge 2 (on Concession 5 Brock, south of Sunderland) — $130,500 initially budgeted, lowest tender at $205,460;

Bridge 8 (St. John Street in Cannington) and Culvert 318 (near Wilfrid) – $208,260 initially budgeted, lowest tender at $292,020; and,

Bridge 9 (Laidlaw Street in Cannington) and Bridge 42 (Concession 9 Brock) – $188,720 initially budgeted, lowest tender at $323,136.

“Some of these were actually budgeted a few years ago…we’re going from 2015 dollars to now,” Works Director Nick Colucci told members of council at the time.

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