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Garage addition at Township works depot will cost $800,000 more than initially anticipated

The cost of building an addition to the garage at the Brock Township works depot in Beaverton is expected to run roughly $800,000 over budget.

A report from Works Director Nick Colucci on the tender process for the project is included on the agenda for Monday’s (May 13) meeting.

The lowest bid, from Niacom Ltd., coming in at more than $2.4 million – a substantial increase from the $1.65 million initially budgeted.

As a result, Colucci recommends that provisional items, site works, and contingencies be removed from the project so construction can proceed in 2019.

“Staff expect that these works would not proceed until 2020 given the proposed June start date of the contract. Most of the deferred works can be completed by works staff with our own equipment,” his report reads.

The remaining shortfall, estimated at $500,000, could be drawn from capital reserves or development charges, the report notes.

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