Rescued racoons now recuperating at wildlife rehabilitation centre

After a few days of rest at the Brock Township Animal Shelter, a pair of newborn racoons have moved to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.
The pair – dubbed Spic and Span – were among four newborns that were left for dead in a Beaverton park this week.
“Though they have a tough road ahead of them, we will cross our fingers and hope for the best,” an update post from the animal shelter reads.
Sadly, two from the litter died before being found by municipal works department staff.
“Staff acted quickly, rescuing them and immediately calling us for help. Sadly, two had already passed away. Two were alive but frozen. Shelter staff with special help from the fire chief warmed the little ones,” a post from the animal shelter on Tuesday (April 30) reads.
And thanks to a nursing cat named Pigeon, who recently gave birth to kittens, the racoons were well taken care of during their time at the shelter.
“Without fuss, she took them in. Warmed them and gave them warm kisses. Before long they were feeding with the kittens. After a meal all were snuggling and happy. Soon they will leave us to go to the experts but until then they will be loved and cared for,” the post reads.
“For the person who did this, it is a provincial and criminal offence and not to mention morally and ethically wrong. May this amazing cat mother and her kittens teach us all a lesson about love and unconditional kindness. Thank you, Pigeon. You and your kittens are heroes.”

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