Council ready to tackle parking issues at the Beaverton Harbour

A parking permit program for residents of Thorah Island will soon be extended to the owners of boathouses at the Beaverton Harbour.

Council made that decision after receiving a staff report during a special meeting Monday (April 22).

A total of 59 permits, which expired on March 31, were issued to Thorah Island residents last year that allowed them to park in the upper lot (near the baseball diamonds) at the fairgrounds.

“Obviously, Thorah Island residents need somewhere to park,” said Ward 2 Councillor Claire Doble.

Clerk Becky Jamieson told members of council that while the majority of households were issued one or two permits, some received as many as five.

She continued by noting that a staff report suggested that the permit program be extended to boathouse owners as well given the numerous parking issues at the harbour.

“The boathouses do not have on site parking. In the past the boathouse owners have parked right against the boathouse with no issue, however, visitors to the harbour were doing the same, and taking the spots of the people who live in the boathouses. Some residents from the boathouses requested permits last year,” the report reads.

Signs will be posted in front of boathouses noting that parking is reserved for the owners, who will also be able to apply for one permit from the municipality for parking in the upper lot.

Despite some consideration, a maximum number of permits for Thorah Island residents was not imposed this year.

“Parking is an issue at the harbour. It’s a popular destination,” Coun. Doble said.

“That’s the price you pay for having a popular destination,” Regional Councillor Ted Smith added.

He noted that the permit program was one of the measures implemented during the last term of council to improve the issue.

“The main way to solve it is to build more parking,” Coun. Smith said.

Council voted to extend and expand the permit program for the year, with a report on parking issues expected in the coming weeks.

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