Township council considering a motion on tiered charges for residential development

While a final decision has not been made, some members of township council are considering a tiered system for residential development charges,

A motion from Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb suggesting that switch came up at Monday (April 15) night’s council meeting and sparked a heated debate amongst his colleagues.

A consultant has recommended that residential development charges increase from $10,800 to $22,700 while commercial and industrial rates – which are calculated based on square footage – would essentially double.

The motion from Coun. Jubb, which was eventually tabled for a week, would have seen residential rates set at $12,000 for existing single lots and $18,000 for others. It also would have set charges for industrial and commercial growth at half of the recommended increase.

He described the motion as a “compromise” and said that following the consultant’s recommendation would be “very irresponsible.”

“This would promote some growth in the township,” Coun. Jubb said.

Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden noted that the $12,000 rate would apply to any single lot that is currently on the municipal record.

“Not to be confused with…multi-residential units going in a subdivision,” she said.

Ward 2 Councillor Claire Doble was the lone member of council that spoke in support of the motion, saying it offered a “little bit of a break” on the proposed increase while addressing the municipality’s future needs.

While a report on the historical rates of development charges was included on the agenda for the meeting, Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer said he wasn’t prepared to “race into” a decision.

“I was under no impression that we would be making a decision tonight,” he said, requesting that Coun. Jubb’s motion be tabled.

The discussion will resume during a special meeting of council on Monday (April 22) afternoon.


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