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No shortage of opposition to Township’s proposed sale of road allowance that leads to Lake Simcoe

Heading into a public meeting Monday (April 15) night, there’s been no shortage of opposition to the Township’s proposed sale of a road allowance that provides access to Lake Simcoe.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. at the municipal office in Cannington and involves the potential sale of an unopened portion of Commodore Road – between Beaverton and Port Bolster – that directly leads to the lake.

The process was initiated during the last term of council after the Township received a request from an abutting property owner that would like to purchase a portion of the road allowance. In order for the sale to proceed, council would have to pass a bylaw to formally close that section.

In advance of the meeting, which was initially slated for March 18, Bryan White submitted a petition signed by more than 65 residents opposed to the sale.

Two others also sent in letters that are included on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

“My concern as a resident of Brock for the last 15 years is that we do not have enough public access to Lake Simcoe and i would prefer that the Township possibly make this into a small parkette or something where the general public could have access to the lake,” wrote Alison Bennie.

“One of the great things about living up here is Lake Simcoe and we need to have areas where one can enjoy the lake and have access to the water. This spot would be ideal. So, please do not sell it off. it is worth far more in recreational value to the people living in our township and the generations to follow.”

“I write in opposition to the application to sell a section of the Commodore Road allowance and any other publicly-owned land connecting to lake the Lake Simcoe shoreline. I strongly believe that these points of access to the lake for Brock taxpayers and visitors should remain public property,” added Neil Turnbull.

“There is very little public access to the lake, and every bit of it should be protected for the use of future generations. To sell even one piece of these properties would set a precedent that might have influence on future applications for purchase. I believe that this would weaken the hand of Brock Township in future negotiations and that is definitely not in the public interest. Please continue to serve the people of Brock fairly.”

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