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Sunderland singer Carley Hope releases new music video

A Sunderland singer has released a music video to promote the upcoming release of her new album.

Carley Hope, a Grade 12 student at Brock High School, recently released a video for ‘Getaway’ — the first single off an upcoming five-track EP of original songs.

“It’s definitely a more mature sound compared to my old music. I’m excited to see what people think of it. The EP is a mix of pop styles,” she said, noting that her songwriting process has evolved.

“I’m taking inspiration from real life experiences now and I’m putting my feelings into my music. It can be scary because I’m basically reading someone my diary.”

The new offering is Hope’s third music video, with her first – a cover of ‘I’ll be Home’ by Meaghan Trainor – coming in December of 2017. A few months later, she followed that up with her first video for an original song, titled ‘One for Me.’

She’s thankful for the support of her musical mentors, Uxbridge singer Leah Daniels and producer Brett Simmonds, for their support along the way.

“Working with Leah is a surreal experience. We’ve been working together for seven to eight years now and I’m so happy that we’ve created such a bond. She’s an incredible artist and teacher. I look up to her not only in the music industry but through our personal talks as well. She’s helped me through a lot more then just music,” Hope said.

“And also my producer Brett Simmonds’s from INEO Studios who has worked on many of my projects before. He’s amazing. He has so many ideas and my music wouldn’t be what it is without him.”

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