Beaverton Lions Club has some big plans for King Street Park

The following letter is included on the agenda for Monday’s (April 15) meeting of township council:

The Beaverton Lions Club is writing to request council explore the feasibility of redeveloping the King Street Park into a track and field site and re-open discussions with Moffet & Duncan Architects as part of the project solution.

It is the Beaverton Lions Club’s proposal to create a new track and field space that both the new Beaverton school and the extended community at large would benefit from. Given that the track and field build is likely to infringe on the current location of the tennis courts and playground equipment, and that Moffet & Duncan’s request to temporarily use the King Street Park during construction of the school would also impact the park, we are requesting that a co-operative effort be explored. it is our understanding that Moffet & Duncan Architects may be open to relocating/rebuilding the playground and tennis courts as part of their agreement to use the park area for parking during construction.

As this relocation/rebuild would also be necessary for the installation of a track and field, we feel there could be a mutually beneficial opportunity that warrants further discussion and investigation whereby Moffet & Duncan relocate/rebuild the playground and tennis court in a new location to facilitate construction of the school, thus allowing the Lions Club to focus funds solely on the build of a new community track and field project.

We respectfully request council to revisit discussions with Moffet & Duncan Architects for a possible temporary parking solution at the King Street Park that includes the relocation/rebuild of the tennis courts and playground.

A joint effort and partnership between all parties could take a temporary issue and turn it into a permanent solution to create a successful project for the betterment of the school and community.

Ryan Lloyd, special projects
Andy Haines, president
Beaverton Lions Club

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