Developer not impressed with proposed hike to Township development charges

The following letter was sent to Brock Township council regarding a proposed increase to development charges. For more information, click HERE.

I am always looking for new development projects and have found that Brock has a tot of future potential.

i cannot, however, justify purchasing future lands in Brock if the fees were to increase so dramatically.

One of the enticing factors that draws people out to Brock is the affordability but raising these fees would put a big dent in this.

I think that the big issue at hand is that the Region of Durham’s fees are too high already and increasing Brock’s fees would take the affordable factor out of the equation.

If you look at areas like Niagara Falls, which I consider to be comparable, you can see that the Regional fees are almost half of Durham’s fees.

At this time I am holding off on any land purchases in Brock until I see what the outcome will be regarding the proposed development charges increase.

Vito Montesano, president

Marydel Homes

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