Online fundraiser organized for Woodville man who lost everything in a fire

An online fundraiser has been organized for a Woodville man who suffered injuries and lost everything in a fire late last month.

The blaze broke out on a Fenel Road property around 11 p.m. on March 30 and quickly engulfed Lee Ankcorn’s trailer.

The fundraising effort has been co-ordinated by his sister, Alison Merchand.

“He lost literally everything he owned when the trailer he called home was burned to the ground as well as the adjacent barn. He lost one of his two beloved dogs,” the introduction to the online fundraiser reads.

“When he was unable to re-enter the trailer to get the second dog, he began breaking windows with his hands. Sadly, the terrified dog in panic ran deeper into the fiery trailer.”

Ankcorn spent more than a week in hospital recovering from the injuries he sustained, which included burns to his arms, hands, lungs and knee as well as cuts to his hands.

The fundraiser has generated $600 worth of donations thus far and is being run in conjunction with community efforts.

“The property owners are organizing with a local church to collect money for a new trailer. Three farms have offered to have the trailer on their farm…Small town love,” Merchand said in an interview.

Merchand said her brother has been “overwhelmed” by the support he’s received thus far.

For more information on the online fundraiser, click HERE.

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