Beaverton resident tells MPP that proposed education cuts are no laughing matter

An open letter to area MPP Laurie Scott:

I realize this is April Fools’ Day but this is no laughing matter – this is an abomination.

I understand that the Ford government has announced $1.4 billion dollars worth of cuts to public education. Enough is enough.

I haven’t heard any feedback from my previous emails to you but I will just say that I am disgusted by the fact that you guys ended the basic income pilot project (one being in your own town in case you forgot) and made the changes to the Employment Standards Act that seems to benefit business owners and not the working class. But now you and your fellow powers-at-be are tampering with the education system that is still not up to par when compared to the developed world.

How do you guys justify making this decision to cut $1.4 billion dollars from public education?

I have heard the lies from the education minister saying that the kids will do better in bigger classes – are you kidding me?

I understand that not everyone is capable of critical thinking but the vast majority can see through these lies.

This makes me ill to my stomach to think that the government that received 40 percent of the popular vote can make destructive decisions to our children’s futures.

I would say there would be a lot more mental health issues but it looks like you guys are cutting the funding for that too.

It’s too bad that you are part of this Ford government because in my mind, it will really hinder how you will be positively remembered for serving your community.

Is the general (educated) public missing something? How are any of these benefiting the Ontario citizens? What positive things has Ford done? How is the Ford government ‘for the people’?

The only thing I’ve seen is Ford is for a select few (rich) people…don’t even get me started on the OSAP changes.

I feel as though politicians should be tried as regular citizens in the decisions they make. When they choose to destroy the lives of thousands of families then they should face the recourse, just like anyone else. Unfortunately, it seems some politicians seem to think and act like they are above the law and have no moral values.

I am sorry that you have chosen to be a part of this. But you still have the power to remove yourself and stand with the people.

Perhaps the scariest part is that he has just begun his term. I hate to think of where this dumpster fire is headed.

It would be nice if we continued to progress forward and not take a step backwards. These specific changes will cause irreversible harm to our childrens’ future. I truly hope you reconsider your position on this and not the priorities of the party you work for. Its like turning a blind eye as you help destroy our kids’ futures and perhaps our province.

Jonathan Koot

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