Brock mayor forming groups to tackle traffic safety issues in Beaverton, Cannington and Sunderland

Brock Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden is looking to form committees to identify traffic safety issues in Beaverton, Cannington and Sunderland.

The informal groups would be comprised of residents in each community and help township council address areas that have posed persistent problems, such as River Street in Sunderland.

“For years, residents have had huge concerns regarding traffic,” Mayor Bath-Hadden said.

“So far nothing we have approached the Region with has worked. So with a new commissioner of works – well, somewhat new – and a new regional chair, I feel that a structured community committee could be successful…We have to come up with a solution somehow. It is getting more dangerous every year.”

She noted that a similar group formed years ago to address the issues at Regional Road 23 and Regional Road 13 and eventually prompted the Region to take action. Though the project was dogged by delays, a traffic light is slated to be installed at the intersection at some point this spring.

Those interested in serving on the committees are asked to send an EMAIL to Mayor Bath-Hadden.

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