Alumni celebration set for May 4 at Beaverton and Thorah Central public schools

Prior to the amalgamation of Beaverton’s two public schools, former students are invited to take a step into the past.

Beaverton and Thorah Central will be hosting an alumni celebration from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 4 to mark the history of both schools.

The two facilities will be consolidated and closed following construction of a new school in the village, which is expected to open in September of 2020.

While plans have not been finalized, the new school will accommodate 326 students and will include a three-room child care centre and one EarlyON (child and family Program) room.

Long rumoured, the Durham District School Board launched a formal accommodation review of the two schools in October of 2016.

At that time, residents were presented with two options –  construction of a new building at the Beaverton PS site or the status quo. When a public meeting was held in December of that year, the possibility of a new school on the Thorah Central site was also under consideration. A fourth option, preservation of the original Beaverton P.S. building (built in 1924) with an addition, was added following comments at the public meeting.

Trustees voted to build the new school at the Beaverton P.S. site in February of 2017 – despite some concerns from residents – with provincial funding for construction announced by the board a year later.

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