Township taking steps to address speeding on Main Street

Brock Township will be taking a number of steps to curb speeding along Main Street in Beaverton.

Members of council voted to implement a municipal pilot project that will see a speed radar sign posted, along with warning signs and the narrowing of lane widths between Patricia Avenue and James Street.

The measures were approved as following a report from Works Director Nick Colucci that reviewed potential traffic-calming measures.

While the report included a number of potential options to curb speeding, it suggested the municipality first work with the DRPS to determine whether speeding was actually an issue in the area.

“In reviewing this issue, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the possibility of speeding in this area causing unsafe conditions for pedestrians as well as residents entering and exiting their driveways along this section of roadway,” the report reads.

“The existence of speeding is not confirmed at this time and there is some evidence from DRPS indicating that the number of vehicles speeding on this section is low.”

Ward 2 Councillor Claire Doble quickly made it clear that she didn’t agree with that assessment.

“This has been an area of concern for many years. There’s definitely a safety issue on this road,” she said.

The report to council included a review of more than 240 measures to combat speeding from the Region of Durham, recommending a total of 19 that could be implemented on Main Street and other areas.

“This might work elsewhere in the township to improve public safety,” Doble said.


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