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Ice jams starting to pile up at Beaverton Harbour

A number of ice jams are starting to pile up at the Beaverton Harbour, threatening to cause damage to boathouses.

“It doesn’t look there’s been any damage so far but it’s a big possibility if it keeps piling up,” said Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb.

“It’s running right up against some of the boathouses.”

Earlier this month, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority issued a media release reminding residents of dangers existing near bodies of water, particularly around this time of year, and urged people to keep family and pets away from the edges of all waterways.

“Spring is quickly approaching and with warmer temperatures, people look forward to getting outdoors,” the release reads.

“Warmer temperatures, however, also usually bring rain, melting snow and shifting ice which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water in watercourses.”

According to the Authority, the Lake Simcoe watershed received a typical amount of snow this past winter but warmer February temperatures have led to an early snow melt.

“The ground still remains saturated in many places and in periods of intense rain, there could be a higher amount of runoff in a much shorter interval than usual. As well, slippery and unstable streambanks and extremely cold water temperatures can also lead to very hazardous conditions close to any body of water,” continues the release.

“Please keep family members and pets safely away from any water’s edge.”

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