Police investigating after increase in break and enters

Investigation into numerous break and enters in Brock continues with little information being released by police at this time.

Since March 5, at least five Beaverton businesses have been broken into and while Durham Regional Police have yet to formally release any information, they are aware of the spike of break-ins in recent days.

“There has been an increase in break and enters and North Division Criminal Investigation Bureau are looking into the matters,” said Constable George Tudos in an email to The Brock Voice.

“They are ongoing investigations and I don’t have the specific locations at this time. This may come later as this investigation progresses,” he added.

A vehicle has been stolen in the village in recent days as well, in addition to a number of thefts from vehicles.

Orillia OPP have also noted an increase in thefts and mischiefs to vehicles in their jurisdiction, including an incident earlier this week when a suspect gained access to a garage via the garage door opener left in an unlocked vehicle.

Police are urging area residents to always lock their vehicles and keep valuables out of sight.

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