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Provincial budget will be released on April 11

The Ford government will be releasing its first budget on April 11.

A press release from the Province noted that the budget will be delivered as the government “continues to restore trust, transparency and accountability in Ontario’s finances.”

“Our government’s first budget will outline our plan to return the Province to balance in a responsible manner and protect what matters most – preserving critical public services, including our world-class health care and education system,” added Finance Minister Vic Fedeli.

“It will also outline how we will create and protect jobs for Ontario workers, and put the people at the centre of everything we do in government.”

Fedeli made the announcement during a public appearance at the Cappuccino Bakery in Nobleton, where he talked with individuals, workers and families about restoring trust in the province’s finances and the government’s plan to cut red tape and make Ontario “open for business.”

“Our first steps towards restoring Ontario’s fiscal health are paying off. Businesses are investing, expanding and hiring in Ontario, creating jobs and ensuring prosperity reaches every corner of this province. We are on the right track,” added Fedeli, who noted progress the government has made despite inheriting a $15 billion deficit and more than one-third of a trillion dollars in debt from the previous government.

Fedeli said that balancing the budget is not just a fiscal imperative, but a moral one.

“Every dollar that is spent on paying interest on debt is one less dollar going to our schools and hospitals. Unless we take action now, our children and grandchildren will have to bear an even greater burden.  Balancing the budget will help us sustainably fund essential public services for current and future generations.”


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