Streetlight at Sunderland area intersection ‘not necessary’ resident tells council

It appears as though there’s at least one resident that is not impressed by council’s plan to install a streetlight at the intersection of Simcoe Street and Concession 6 Brock.

Back in December, the Township received a letter from the City of Kawartha Lakes noting that the intersection does not meet the requirements for a streetlight.

Despite that appraisal, members of council passed a motion asking that the City cover half the cost.

“I would rather illuminate that intersection…before we have a fatality there,” Mayor Bath-Hadden said.

“It’s a very bad corner,” Coun. Campbell added, noting that safety issues primarily arise in the evening or during snowstorms.

At the time, Works Director Nick Colucci noted that since Simcoe Street serves as a boundary between the two municipalities, projects are typically cost-shared. But since it doesn’t meet the warrants required, the cost of installing a streetlight would likely fall solely on the Township.

As Concession 6 links Simcoe Street to Highway 12 and runs directly into Sunderland, Colucci added that the Township secured funding through Central Counties Tourism for larger wayfinding signs that will be erected in the spring.

While township council members opted to proceed with the project during budget deliberations last month, a resident has sent in a letter asking them to reconsider.

“First, it doesn’t seem necessary…it will also have negative impacts on the biorhythms of livestock and interfere with rural enjoyment of our property,” reads a letter from Sarah Geissberger.

“There are other negative impacts on safety as there is an obstruction that could escalate the severity of a crash and the loss of night vision.”

When contacted about the letter, both Mayor Bath-Hadden and Coun. Campbell said the concerns raised likely aren’t enough to prompt them to reverse the decision.

“Feedback has been more than positive – most people are having a hallelujah moment. I can’t speak for the rest of council but I won’t be reconsidering our decision. Too many of our residents have been lobbying for illumination at this intersection for years,” Mayor Bath-Hadden said.

“I researched the matter with other dairy farmers who say light shouldn’t be an issue.  It’s all about safety for drivers,” Coun. Campbell added.

“Two people in my ward ended up in the ditch there due to poor visibility at that intersection. A light at Concession 6 and Simcoe Street was one of the most requested items I heard on the campaign trail.”

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