Ramara Historical Society members hoping to find permanent home

By Sam Laskaris

Officials from the Ramara Historical Society are hoping that eventually all members of the public can see what their group is all about.

For now, the group, which was founded in 2004, has just a small display case primarily featuring historical books inside the Udney Community Centre.

The Ramara Historical Society stages its meetings, twice a month, at the Udney facility. The first meeting, held on the first Thursday of each month, is just for the society’s board members. And the other meeting, held on the third Thursday monthly, is for all members.

Mike Harrington, a director of the Ramara Historical Society, said the plan is to eventually have one location for the group to display its entire collection.

“That’s a long-term goal,” he said. “It’s on the list of things to get. We’re talking about it. But right at the moment we don’t have enough money to build a building or to move a building.”

As a result, the society’s various artifacts are spread out.

“We don’t have a collection centre building to maintain it all,” he said. “We all have a little bit of it.”

For example, Harrington has a building on his farm to store some of the collection’s larger pieces.

“I take care of the farm machinery that can be stored,” he said.

These pieces include an old wagon which sits on a trailer.

“It’s a covered wagon and we have a lot of artifacts in there,” Harrington said. “And I have a grain binder acquired this past summer.”

The group was originally formed to discover and protect printed materials from local areas including the former Rama and Mara townships.

Meetings eventually expanded to allow members to display personal artifacts. Guest speakers have also been brought in at times to discuss local items of historical significance.

The Ramara Historical Society has about 50 members.

“We generally have 20 or so people show up for a meeting,” Harrington said.

The Ramara Historical Society has also staged a pair of hugely successful Yesteryear events, in 2014 and 2017. Another one is planned for 2020.

These events, staged on the property of the St. Columbkille Church in Uptergrove, featured various historical displays, speakers and hands-on demonstrations.

More information about the Ramara Historical Society is available on its website at www.ramarahistoricalsociety.ca or by calling its chairperson Adrienne Davies at (705) 329-2677.

This article was originally published for Brechin and Beyond. For more information, visit the group’s WEBSITE or FACEBOOK page.

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