Cedar Beach Road a ‘drag strip’ even during the winter

The following letter is included on the agenda for Monday (March 4) night’s meeting of township council:

We have a problem on Cedar Beach Road that will potentially result in the death of a neighbour.

It would appear that it’s not just in the summer time that folks have to watch for speeding cars and off-road motorcycles white walking or biking – we have a drag strip for ATV and snowmobiles now that the winter snow has fallen.

The community — between Concession 5 Thorah. along Cedar Beach and Parklawn, right to Main Street – is a death trap for the many, many people who are out on the roads for enjoyment of the fresh country air (‘Breathe It In’ as our slogan says). The elderly folks with motorized wheelchairs, families with toddlers in wagons, children on bicycles heading to the bail park, all can attest to the dangerous speeds that vehicular traffic travels through this community.

l’m requesting serious consideration that this area must be assigned as a community safety zone for the residents to live, walk and play.

I’m not suggesting sidewalks but perhaps dedicated pedestrian lines on the road, fine zone signs or a speed radar system alerting drivers how fast they are driving. I’m not sure what the solution would be, but I appreciate councillors…giving this issue some serious safety recommendations.

Colleen Pocock

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