Township declares ‘significant weather event’ as winter storm continues

As the area continues to get hammered by a winter storm, Brock Township has instituted a ‘significant weather event advisory.’

“The Township is deploying staff to address road and municipal sidewalk clearing as quickly as possible,” reads a media release.

“Given the volumes of snow projected it will be difficult to keep all roads and intersections continuously well-cleared of slush and snow over the next 24 hours. Caution is advised at intersections and on back roads, particularly those with gravel surfaces. Residents are asked to drive according to the weather conditions. Sidewalks and parking lots may be snow covered or slippery.”

The notice thanks residents for their patience as Township staff continue to clear ice and snow.

“Please assist our work crews by refraining from on-street parking to enable plows to go down the street and not pushing or blowing snow onto the roadways and streets,” it reads.

This significant weather event designation will continue through the night, with an update expected Friday (Feb. 15).

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