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Suspect sought following break-in at The Locker in Cannington

Police are looking to track down a suspect following a break-in at The Locker in Cannington early Tuesday (Feb. 12) morning.

While no information has been released by the DRPS, owner Samena Kennedy shared photos of the suspect that were captured on surveillance cameras around 3:30 a.m.

“It was a male, wearing a dark zip-up coloured hoodie, skinny jeans, black mitts and some very obvious branded running shoes,” she said, noting that his face was also covered by a balaclava.

“We couldn’t get a picture of his face.”

Kennedy said the would-be thief made his way through business quickly but spent time returning items back to their rightful place after rummaging through them. An attempt to gain access to the cash register proved unsuccessful.

“He went through the place in four or five minutes but nothing was out of place,” she said.

“He didn’t end up getting anything, just caused some damage to the door and some damage to the till.”

The suspect used to prybar to gain access to the business through the rear door and exited on foot at the back of the property before heading west through the parking lot of the adjacent apartments.

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