Culinary program at Brock High relocated after a small fire breaks out in classroom kitchen

It’s back to ‘business as usual’ at Brock High School after a small fire broke out in a classroom kitchen at Monday (Feb. 11) afternoon.

While the blaze was quickly extinguished by firefighters, smoke filled several hallways around 2 p.m. Students were evacuated from the school as a safety precaution before being moved into the gym.

“Brock H.S. experienced a successful and safe evacuation of all students and staff today due to a small fire in our culinary arts area. Well done Bulldogs! Students and staff were moved safely from outside the school to the gymnasium when the Brock Fire Department permitted access,” reads a series of social media posts from the school.

“Further access to lockers and classrooms became gradually available as the Fire Department determined access was safe. Brock High School will be open tomorrow as the DDSB’s Health & Safety Department and the Brock Fire Department has determined that use of the building is safe.”

A subsequent post notes that the culinary arts program will be temporarily relocated.

“We look forward to re-opening the culinary arts room once all safety conditions are met.”

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