Police looking for suspects after string of thefts in Beaverton

Residents living in Beaverton would be well advised to lock the doors following a series of thefts in recent days.

According to social media posts, a number of residents living in the village – particularly in the area of the Ethel Park subdivision – noticed footprints leading up their driveways, with thefts reported from vehicles and homes.

Carolyn Thompson, who lives at King and Mara, captured video and still photos of four suspects early Saturday (Feb. 9).

“My tenant messaged me yesterday morning to ask if I could check the cameras because she thought someone was snooping around the side of the house and her yard (the apartment entrance is at the back. Sure enough, there were four people – one of them looked female, one was carrying a backpack –and they all had hoods up on their coats,” she said.

“Going up and down the street and then came right up the center of the driveway. One looks directly at the camera. Unfortunately, in night mode you can’t really get a good picture.”

The suspects, in pairs, then move out of the range of the camera.

“The only place they could go from there is the pathway to the apartment. They were back there about three minutes and came back out. They went out onto the street and carried on their way. They had apparently opened the back door and grabbed a pair of shoes and left the door ajar. We didn’t hear anything.”

She later found the stolen shoes in a snow bank one door down.

“I guess they didn’t fit,” Thompson said, noting that she called the DRPS to report the theft.

“A friend of mine in Ethel park said a group of youths were seen trying to get into vehicles in his area. The officer I spoke with said he had had a few reports around town all to do with what seemed like the same group, from any time between 4 and 6 a.m. I gave him still shots from our cameras.”

In addition to the incidents over the weekend, the DRPS also received a report of a theft from a vehicle on Ethel Park Drive the morning of Feb. 6.


Editor’s note: While photos and a video of the suspects have been shared on social media, we have reasonable belief that they are young offenders whose identities would be protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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