Police detail cow saga in Keswick in series of pun-filled posts

The YRPS captivated social media on Wednesday (Feb. 6) with a series of three tweets detailing the saga of two cows that got loose in Keswick.

The pun-filled posts read as follows:

COWS – Officers responding to a residence on Ravencrest Road in Keswick. Caller sees two cows in front of her house. Not sure where they came from but she’s sure they don’t belong to her. Hopefully our officers will be able to mooooove them back where they belong.

COW UPDATE – Officers are on scene at Ravencrest Road in Keswick and have located the bovine suspects. Apparently they appear to be udderly unimpressed with the weather today. Figuring out where they belong, so they can be wrangled back home.

COW FINALE – At the risk of milking this for too long, we are pleased to advise that the two cows from Keswick have been returned home, which was about a kilometre down the road. Not sure what their beef was, but at least they’re safe now away from the roadway.

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