DRPS warning residents to be cautious around waterways

Given the recent swing in temperatures, the DRPS is reminding area residents to remain cautious of thin ice, open water and slippery river banks throughout the region.

“The three large bodies of water in Durham Region – Lake Ontario, Lake Scugog and Lake Simcoe – can become dangerous during a melt, as can numerous ponds, creeks and streams in the region,” reads a media release from the DRPS.

“Water could be flowing rapidly under a thin veil of ice and flooding is a risk. Parents should advise children to stay clear of open water when playing outdoors, as well as unstable stream embankments, lake shores, ponds and fast-flowing rivers. It is very easy to slide into water during the melt, and very difficult to climb out.”

Police also noted that some snowmobilers are known to do water runs on lakes.

“This consists of racing a snowmobile across the lake at high speeds. This is obviously very dangerous behaviour as the machine can go through thin or thawing ice, never mind the potential damage to the snowmobile,” the media release reads.

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