Group considers harbour project a success despite ‘mistakes’

While acknowledging that mistakes were made, the group behind the development of the ‘Harbour of the Future’ in Beaverton deems the initiative a success.

Hilary Van Welter and Mitch Harrow of ReWilding Lake Simcoe gave members of council an overview of the project at Monday (Feb. 4) night’s meeting noting that the project’s primary shortcoming was a lack of consultation with local residents.

“We made mistakes. No question, we made mistakes,” Van Welter told members of council.

One of those mistakes was the design of benches that a number of residents likened to baby coffins.

Even Van Welter used that term in describing them.

“To hear them described like that was very painful for everyone involved,” she said.

The negative reaction from the community may have marred the project and forced some revisions to the initial design, the duo still considers it a success nonetheless.

While the deputation to council – which also included a video presentation – was cut short after 15 minutes, they highlighted a statistic that claimed that 6.3 million litres of stormwater would be diverted from Lake Simcoe each year.

Van Welter thanked Beaverton residents Christine Dukelow and Paula Warder for championing the project locally.

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