Council getting ready to tackle capital budget

After spending the better part of two days reviewing and revising the Township’s 2019 operating budget, members of council are getting ready to tackle the capital budget at a meeting Monday (Feb. 4) morning.

As it stands, the budget sits at an increase of 3.12 percent following the second round of budget deliberations on Friday (Feb. 1).

Highlights of the capital budget include:

– $1.2 million for the reconstruction of Sideroad 18;

– $740,000 for new works department equipment, including a backhoe and grader;

– $552,000 for road resurfacing;

– $550,000 for the double surface treatment of roads;

– $441,000 for gravel resurfacing;

– $250,000 for the Rick MacLeish Community Centre in Cannington;

– $162,500 for sidewalk replacement;

– $130,000 for the replacement of a bridge on Concession 5;

– $111,000 for the Beaverton-Thorah Community Centre;

– $80,000 for streetlights;

– $70,000 for the Beaverton Town Hall;

– $50,000 for a new generator at the municipal office in Cannington;

– $45,000 for the Manilla Community Hall;

– $26,000 for the Sunderland Town Hall;

– $31,500 for parking lot resurfacing;

– $30,000 for bleachers at the Sunderland fairgrounds;

– $30,000 for new LED lighting at the municipal office in Cannington; and,

– $27,000 for the Wilfrid Community Hall;

The meeting will be livestreamed on the Township website starting at 11 a.m. Click HERE for a link.

For more information on the 2019 budget, click HERE.

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