Traffic enforcement in Beaverton ‘shameful,’ resident writes in letter to council

An open letter to Brock Township council:

I have been living in Beaverton for almost five years now with my five-year-old son on Simcoe Street. During my time here, I have noticed that the speeding up and down my street along with other streets in town is ridiculous. I spoke to many residents in the community and they all have the same concern.

I also note that our police station (which is deemed unmanned) always has officers there for hours. I say this because on numerous occasions, I would leave my home to drive to Kleinburg to get my son and return and the same police vehicles are still there three hours later.

I have called the staff sergeant for northern division on a few occasions and raised my concerns. I have also individually spoke to some of the officers here in town. Nothing has been done.

In the five years living here, I have yet to see one officer with a tripod enforcing speed limits. Twice, I have seenn an officer parked at the school enforcing traffic. This is unacceptable. My son has almost been run over twice in the past year crossing the street in my presence. What really triggered me raising my concern with you is just the other day I saw three police vehicles parked at the station for most of the afternoon.

I left to go run errands in town and people were zipping up and down the street just as the local children were walking home from school. Then I go to the Independent Grocer and see one officer go park behind the store for whatever amount of time. This was a prime time of concern for our children.

Now my goal is not to state the police don’t do anything in this town. Working in a prison since 2001, i see lots of ‘inventory’ in town conducting drug deals and crime. But in regards to traffic control, the police response is shameful. Consistent traffic enforcement is needed for Beaverton.

Eric Belcourt

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