Township looks to increase tax rebate program for low-income seniors

Brock Township is looking to increase its tax rebate program for low-income seniors.

The decision was made Thursday (Jan. 24) during the first round of budget deliberations but will not become official until the document is approved.

The program provides a $250 rebate to taxpayers over the age of 65 that receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement provided under the Old Age Security.

Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer noted that its value had not been adjusted since the program was introduced more than a decade ago.

“With every passing year, it’s worth less to our seniors,” he said, suggesting the program be adjusted for inflation.

After some quick match by CAO/Clerk Thom Gettinby, council opted to increase the rebate to $305.

Roughly $24,000 will be set aside for the program in 2019, enough to provide rebates to at least 80 taxpayers.

“If someone applies and we have to go over budget, we’ll over budget,” Treasurer Laura Barta told members of council.

A total of 78 rebates, which amounted to $19,500, were administered in 2018.

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