Future of the Beaverton Fall Fair could be decided tomorrow night

After more than 165 years, the future of the Beaverton Fall Fair could be decided tomorrow night.

The fair board is set to host its Annual General Meeting on Monday (Jan. 21) at 7 p.m. at the Beaverton-Thorah Community Center and new volunteers are being encouraged to step forward.

Organizers say the event has been running a deficit over the last few years and there’s the possibility it could be cancelled in 2019 unless the community rallies.

“Due to the steady decline in attendance and community support for the last few years, we’re having trouble keeping the fair going. A big part of it was the cancellation of our midway, which we did not have any control over,” said Arlene Thompson, president of the fair board.

“We’re hoping that perhaps the community can pull together and continue the fair.”

Volunteers are desperately needed to serve on the board to help chart a course for the event moving forward.

“We’re not getting enough support from the community. It’s upsetting,” added Terry Clayton, one of the directors of the fair board.

“We’d all hate to see 165 years of history go down the drain but we need help.”

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