School board highlights mental health program at Brock High

The Durham District School Board has highlighted a program at Brock High School that promotes positive mental health.

Back on Dec. 19, Grade 8 students were invited to tour the high school and to attend a performance. Talented Brock High students entertained the crowd by showcasing their musical abilities and each performer shared a tip about how they deal with stress or what they do if they are feeling down.

“For me, music has always been a way for me to transform any emotion into something meaningful,” said Grade 12 student Carly Hope, who performed Lia Marie Johnson’s song DNA.

“It’s a song I can relate to and helps me feel not so alone.”

Keynote speakers Olympian Jessica Phoenix and author Julie Fitz-Gerald, also spoke about staying positive.

Phoenix talked about her experience as being one of the best equestrian athletes in Canada and how she recovered from an injury to go to the Olympics. She told the students that she dug deep and found the determination and courage to persevere through her obstacles.

“You have to rise above and stay positive,” Phoenix said.

Grade 10 students Autumn Mulock and Hannah Watson were the emcees for the event. They were tasked with introducing each performer, but they also peppered in humour and great tips to help to support positive mental health and well-being.

They even provided the contact information for Kids Help Phone and encouraged students to call, if they needed to talk to someone.

North Durham Trustee Carolyn Morton and Student Trustee Tyler West were also in attendance and enjoyed it.

“It’s awesome to showcase all of our talent and to showcase the great messages that they were sharing. I’m happy to see it here and I’m really proud of my school,” West said.

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