Traffic lights will be installed this spring at regional roads 23/13

More than 15 years after area residents launched a petition calling for traffic lights at the intersection of regional roads 12 and 23, the project is finally moving forward.

The long-delayed project is slated for the spring, Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden told residents during a roundtable session with Regional Chair John Henry at the Brock Township municipal office on Friday (Jan. 11).

“The Region is ready to move forward,” she said.

That came as welcome news to the dozen or so residents in attendance.

“Being on the fire department all those years, I’ve seen a lot of serious accidents there,” said Stan Wilson, a Sunderland resident and former district chief.

“And a lot of fatalities,” Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden noted.

An accident in the fall of 2003 that left two people dead prompted the petition, which called for traffic lights to be installed and a speed limit reduction. It drew more than 500 signatures.

While the Region took no action at the time, the works department launched a comprehensive study on the intersection in 2010.

A year later, an environmental assessment for the rehabilitation of Regional Road 13 from Regional Road 23 to just west of Highway 12 was completed.

The project was broken into three phases and was dogged by delays. The lights were initially supposed to be installed in 2018.

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