Some members of council not sold on Brock’s ‘Breathe It In’ slogan

It seems as though some members of council aren’t quite sold on Brock Township’s ‘Breathe It In’ slogan.

Sparking an informal discussion at Monday’s (Jan. 14) finance committee meeting, Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden noted the phrase was taken on a new connotation in the age of legalized cannabis.

“Unfortunately, the meaning behind our slogan has taken on a new meaning,” she said.

She noted that she’s constantly spotting “witty” comments from residents on social media, poking fun at the Township.

“We’re the brunt of a lot of jokes now,” Mayor Bath-Hadden said.

She suggested the Township phase out use of the catchphrase over time, rather than abandoning it completely.

“I’m not suggesting that staff whitewash everything it’s on.”

Regional Councillor Ted Smith, who was also serving on council when the slogan was adopted, was quick to disagree.

“I think it’s a great slogan. I’ve thought that from the start,” he said.

“If people want to tease us, I can take it.”

Ward 5 representative Lynn Campbell was the only member of council to share Mayor Bath-Hadden’s assessment of the slogan.

“I think we deserve a slogan we can be proud of,” she said.

Countering that argument, councillors Cria Pettingill (Ward 4) and Claire Doble (Ward 2) both said they’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the slogan.

Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer also supported maintaining the status quo for the time being, noting that developing a new slogan could be a “costly proposition.”

“I’m certainly not in favour of hiring someone to change the slogan,” he added.

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