Council to consider expanding winter control schedule

The freezing rain and sleet that blanketed the area on Monday (Jan. 7) night may have fired up a budget debate for Brock council.

With upwards of 20 residents in attendance for the evening meeting, which wrapped up just before 10 p.m., Ward 5 Councillor Lynn Campbell asked whether the plows and sanders were out.

While one crew is on-call for emergency situations, Works Director Nick Colucci said that Township typically doesn’t conduct winter maintenance overnight.

“We don’t have 24-hour coverage,” he replied.

“We were out earlier today pre-treating the roads.”

That response prompted Ward 4 Councillor Cria Pettingill to ask whether it was possible to extend coverage by staggering shifts.

“The current staff compliment only accommodates one shift of plowing,” Colucci answered.

“Trying implement 24-hour service would require a significant increase to the plowing budget.”

Despite that concern, Ward 1 representative Mike Jubb said that expanding service should be a consideration for council.

Regional Councillor Ted Smith said that those discussions should take place when budget deliberations get underway later this month.

“We can certainly discuss that at budget time,” he said.

“It will certainly have a budget impact, so that’s the time to do it.”


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