Nineteen motorists arrested for impaired driving in York so far this year

Nineteen motorists were charged with impaired driving in York Region through the first week of 2019.

While the Festive RIDE campaign has wrapped up, motorists are being reminded that spot checks are conducted throughout the year and that officers are always watching for suspected impaired drivers.

Among those charged is a 22-year-old Aurora man who was initially pulled over in Georgina early Sunday (Jan. 6) morning after allegedly being spotted talking on a cell phone.

“The vehicle was stopped and the driver got out, still talking on his phone. When the officer spoke to the driver, he could smell alcohol and also saw that there were open beer cans in the vehicle. The driver was given a roadside breath test which he failed and was placed under arrest,” reads a media release from the YRPS.

The driver was taken to a police station for a breath test where he blew more than twice the legal limit for alcohol.

Garrett Galloway has been charged with 80 plus, drive handheld communication device and operating a motor vehicle with liquor readily available.

A full list of those charged is available by clicking HERE.

“The legal consequences of an impaired driving charge can include roadside vehicle impoundment and automatic driver’s licence suspension, as well as further consequences imposed by the courts, including longer licence suspensions, large fines and in some cases, jail time,” reads a post from the YRPS on social media.

Residents are encouraged to report suspected impaired drivers by calling 911.

“We consider these incidents a life-threatening crime in progress and will continue to respond to these calls,” the post reads.

“We’re not giving up.”

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