Area wildlife refuge shares video of swan returning to the wild

An area wildlife refuge has shared footage of a trumpeter swan that was nursed back to health returning to the outdoors.

“After three-and-a-half months in rehab recovering from a neck fracture, this magnificent young trumpeter swan that we have grown so very fond of has finally returned to his home and many friends!” reads a social media post from Shades of Hope.

“Our hearts are full as we send our miracle boy back to where he belongs — free, but still cared for.”

The swan, dubbed Kentucky, could not even stand when it was taken into care in mid September.

“Over three months he was assessed by many specialists. X-Rays, CT Scans, medication and therapy all led to a questionable future,” reads a post from Dec. 31.

“Just when we began to think he would never recover, Kentucky decided it was time to show the world that he could beat the odds. He was strong and bored. With a little prompting, he began to stretch his neck and challenge his environment. We think he was as surprised as we were that the movement no longer caused pain. The bones had healed and his muscles needed exercise. He began to act like a swan and raise his head and wings to the sky.”

Based in Georgina, Shades of Hope aims to nurture, treat and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy animals back into their natural habitats.

For more information, click HERE.

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