Brock Board of Trade weighs in on debate over recreational cannabis retailers

It appears as though the bulk of the business community supports the possibility of recreational cannabis retailers operating in Brock Township.

As members of council prepare to discuss the matter at a meeting Monday (Jan. 7) night, the Brock Board of Trade (BBoT) sent in a letter to the Township detailing the results of a recent e-mail survey of its members. The following question was posed – As a member of the Brock Board of Trade and business owner, are you in favour of retail cannabis stores being permitted in the Township of Brock?

A total of 31 responses were received, which represents roughly a third of the membership.

Eighteen respondents (or 58 per cent) were in favour, eight (26 per cent) were opposed and five were undecided (16 per cent).

The BBoT provided the results to the Township strictly for informational purposes, not to influence the decision-making process.

“Our executive thought it would be useful to get a feel for what our membership thinks in case this becomes an advocacy issue in the future,” said Debbie Vandenakker, the manager of member services for the group.

Retail operations will be licensed and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Last month, the provincial government cited a national cannabis shortage in announcing that only 25 licenses would be issued in April.

Only those aged 19 and older will be able to enter the stores, which will have operating hours between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. each day. They must be located at least 150 metres away from schools.

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