Cannington house fire likely started due to electrical issue, owner says

A fire that broke out at a home in Cannington on Dec. 20 appears to have started due to an electrical issue, according to the owner.

While the amount of damage caused by the blaze precluded officials from the Brock Township Fire Department from making a determination on the cause, Matt Barnes said that an insurance investigator believes it started near the home’s electrical panel.

“The forensic investigator visited and did a report that was submitted to insurance company,” he said.

“It looks like the fire started in the basement at the base of stairs close to the electrical panel.”

Barnes, Julia Johnston and their young son, Tyberius, were out of town when the blaze broke out and went on to essentially destroy their Cameron Street East home.

Upwards of two dozen Brock Township firefighters from all three halls have responded to the call, which came just after 6:30 a.m., in addition to the aerial unit from Ramara.

“When we got here, there was a significant amount of smoke and flames at the front of the building,” said Brock Township Fire Chief Rick Harrison.

It quickly spread into the top floor and roof, causing plumes of smoke to billow into the sky.

Firefighters worked quickly to prevent the fire from spreading to neighbouring houses.

“Our guys have done a phenomenal job keeping it in check,” Harrison said, noting that the sloped and wooded property presented a number of challenges for firefighters.

Barnes also credited firefighters for their efforts to save the home.

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