Cannington Foodland closed following electrical fire

Cannington Foodland will be closed until further notice following an electrical fire early Monday (Dec. 24) morning.

According to Brock Township Deputy Fire Chief Wayne Ward, the fire was reported around 6 a.m. and appears to have started due to a malfunction with a freezer.

It was quickly extinguished by responding firefighters from the Cannington hall.

“The freezer had pretty much burned itself out by the time we got there but the store was filled with smoke,” Ward said.

Officials from the Durham Region Health Department are en route to the store to determine if any of the store’s stock can be salvaged.

“While that determination will be up to public health, it looks like all of the stock — about $250,000 worth — will have to be replaced,” Ward said.

In response to the fire, staff from The Nourish and Develop Foundation are reminding residents that the organization provides food to individuals and families on an emergency basis.

“We learned this morning the Foodland grocery store here in Cannington has been closed until further notice. We understand this can be tragic for many in our community. We would like to remind everyone we are here for emergency food access,” reads a post on social media.

“For urgent food access outside of regular hours please dial 705-432-2444 and press extension 600. Our offices and building are closed until Jan. 2, but we are available to help please do not hesitate to call if you are in urgent need of food. We offer help to families, seniors, and individuals who face barriers such as mobility, transportation, low or fixed income. The need is not limited to those receiving social assistance but so many individuals who are facing unforeseen circumstances, illness or other family emergencies can put almost anyone in a place where they must decide between paying bills and buying food. We are here to help.”

Check back for more information as it becomes available.

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