Cannington family that lost home in fire want to support others over the holidays

A Cannington family that lost nearly everything in a fire yesterday (Dec. 20) is asking local residents to support others in need this holiday season.

Matthew Barnes, Julia Johnston and their young son, Tyberius, were out of town when the blaze broke out and went on to destroy their Cameron Street East home.

In the hours since, they’ve received no shortage of messages from friends and neighbours offering to help out.

“I want to thank everyone on behalf of our family for all of the well wishes that were sent and all of the sympathy that has been shared,” Barnes said.

The fire was reported around 6:30 a.m. and drew upwards of two dozens firefighters from all three Brock Township in addition to the aerial unit from Ramara Township.

“I also wish to sincerely thank the fire departments that were involved and their firefighters for making sure they dealt with the fire in the best way possible. They made sure that it did not spread further to other properties,” Barnes said.

While the family has lost their home and most of their belongings, they’re not accepting donations at this time. Instead, they’re asking others to contribute to causes that will help the less fortunate.

“The fire was significant enough that all was lost. But stuff can be replaced. We’re just thankful that everyone is safe,” Barnes said.

“We’re hoping everyone else has a happy holiday this season.”

They’re hoping to co-ordinate a donation drive with the Cannington Lions Club in the coming days.

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